The Big Reveal: The New Database Revolution Findings Webcast

by rebeccajozwiak on April 30, 2012

Choosing the right database has never been more challenging, or potentially rewarding. The options available now span a wide spectrum of architectures, each of which caters to a particular workload. The range of pricing is also vast, with a variety of free and low-cost solutions now challenging the long-standing titans of the industry. How can you determine the optimal solution for your particular workload and budget? Watch this Webcast to find out!

Robin Bloor, Ph.D. Chief Analyst of the Bloor Group, and Mark Madsen of Third Nature, Inc. will present the findings of their three-month research project focused on the evolution of database technology. They will offer practical advice for the best way to approach the evaluation, procurement and use of today’s database management systems. Bloor and Madsen will clarify market terminology and provide a buyer-focused, usage-oriented model of available technologies.

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